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The Essential Set from the Dead Sea! This set guarantees to offer the Dead Sea experience with the essential items. Soak in the Dead Sea Salts, cover your skin with the Dead Sea Mud Mask, and cleanse your skin with our Mineral Salt Soap and Mud Soap for the full experience.
The Luxurious Set from the Dead Sea! Spoil and revive your skin with our luxurious set to ensure ultimate care from the lowest point on earth. Enjoy the 7 must have items for soaking, masking and cleansing your skin while recreating the Dead Sea atmosphere at the comfort of one's own place.
Indulge yourself with La Cure’s Luxury Soaps Collection rich in Natural Dead Sea Minerals and natural oils offering optimum hydration and moisturizing benefits to Cleanse, Repair, Clarify & Hydrate one’s skin. La Cure's Luxury Soaps Collection consists of the following items: Mineral Salt Soap – 90gm Dead Sea Mud Soap – 90gm Dead Sea Scrub Soap – 90gm Black Seed Soap – 90gm This set makes the perfect gift full of Drops of Cure straight from the lowest point on earth, sealed with love and care! All La Cure products contains no animal products and is Not tested on animals. Alcohol Free & Paraben Free.